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week 2 ( blogg’izzle of what I learned )

This week was a nice refresher of what to expect out of and how to use dreamweaver.  I learned how to setup my ftp to connect my root folder to the server I was provided ( much easier then I though).  I also watched videos that helps break down the steps to link up via ftp ;







These sites were great for getting started in dreamweaver and at telling what exactly dreamweaver can do.  I also learned how to link other blogs to my site!


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Week 1 Summaryyyyyyyyyyyyy =)

This Week I learned :

Basic tips on “how the internet works”, basic tips on ground rules about the internet, basic understandings of XHTML AND HTML, basic tips on what text tags are and how to use them, and the basic introduction to Dreamweaver (awesome program).

One of the outside videos I watched that gave me a informative understanding of basic internet facts/ tips ;


I also got the chance to read to articles that where informative about web editor software and frequently asked questions associated with them and other material ;



I learned / refreshed new and old content which I had known or had no idea about.  It gave me a better understanding of certain acronyms related to the the internet and world wide web.  Also I got the chance to understand a lot about XHTML and HTML while following tutorials provided by lynda.com, which are easy to follow according to what program you are using.

Ryan Brady =)

1st Blog’izzle – 1/24

Welcome Everyone!

Thank you for coming to my first blog page / blog I have made.  It will be mostly for a class I am taking, but when I can I will make sure I keep it interesting with things I believe people should enjoy from the web or whatever…=)

Hello world!

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