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week 2 ( blogg’izzle of what I learned )

This week was a nice refresher of what to expect out of and how to use dreamweaver.  I learned how to setup my ftp to connect my root folder to the server I was provided ( much easier then I though).  I also watched videos that helps break down the steps to link up via ftp ;







These sites were great for getting started in dreamweaver and at telling what exactly dreamweaver can do.  I also learned how to link other blogs to my site!


The first time I met the Devil was at a Motel 6
She left Hell to spend a weekend on Earth just for kicks
Sexy little b***h, shorter than expected
About five-foot five big an’ thick in the breast and thighs
Beautiful, dark eyes a strong stare
Large lips, soft hands and long hair
I said Ill make you smile for the simple fact Im good at it
Ill make you smile just so I can sit and look at it =)


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