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Week 3 Chapter 1 Summary

This week I had to read chapter 1 of “The principle of Beautiful Web design”.  This chapter focused mainly on its topic “Layout and composition” . It began with basic understandings of what to do when first meeting a client and how to be prepared beforehand ( gather information before then discover and implementation ).  It jumps right into meeting the clients and understanding what they do, learning more about clients industry, and basic inital communication.  It tells helpful questions to ask the client to get a better understanding of what kind of initial layout to design using the gathered intel.  Implementation is another step focused on to help build one’s possible layouts for the client.  The chapter also breaks down on how to some what define good web pages/ design and bad web pages/ design.  It explains the importance of maintaining proper balance between functionality and aesthetic perspective, and how importaint it is to keep communication in mind when designing.

The chapter breaks down the make up of a web page (containing block, logo info,ease if navigation/ intuitive navigation, content, footer, and white spaces.  The golden rule or rule of thirds is also explained for a bit to help give designers the idea of how to make a page “aesthetically pleasing”.  The understanding of balance and symmetry is also broken down to help illustrate how to properly display and balance a layout or page.  The chapter I believe perfectly describes alot of major aspects of how to compose a layout or page…from unity, proximity, repetition, emphasis, placement, continuance, isolation, contrast,  and proportion- it also displays different examples and links on the topic.  Following this, the chapter leads into the makeup of a layout and how to properly setup/ understand navigation, sizing, screen resolution, and then gives you an example of a beginning to end scenario of building a site “Florida Country Tile” (made up site).

Though very long the chapter itself was very very very informative.  It pretty much has all the beginning and some end-site content towards building, maintaining, optimizing, and functionality of a proper web page =)

Sites that are given to help inspire or provoke thinking outside of the box :

www.csszengarden.com : CSS Zen garden

www.cssbeauty.com : CSS Beauty

www.stylegala.com/archive/ : Stylegala Gallery

http://www.cssvault.com  : CSS Vault

www.designinteract.com/sow/ : Design Interact Site of the Week

FUN FACT OF THE DAY =))))))) Thursday, February 04, 2010 <!––>Because of the rotation of the Earth, a sound wave moving from East to West will travel slightly farther than the same wave moving from West to East.<!––>


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