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Week 3’s bloooooogggggggg’izzzlleee

well thank god for the assignment push back, due to this horrible weather.  i have had so much work to do at home and online assignments that if it wasn’t for the push back i wouldn’t of been able to complete most of week 3 and several other assignments for other classes!!

however, week 3 was pretty awesome!! i got to better understanding of image functioning and properties- a lot better in this weeks dream weaver lesson..also! we started the fireworks introduction this weeeeeekkkkk =)

as one of my assignments i had to read “the principles of beautiful web design” by jason beaird..it was very informative and i actually printed out the 1st chapter to keep as sorta of a refresher in case i need to reference it..

here are the links given by the book that are pretty sweet :

www.csszengarden.com : CSS Zen garden

www.cssbeauty.com : CSS Beauty

www.stylegala.com/archive/ : Stylegala Gallery

http://www.cssvault.com : CSS Vault

www.designinteract.com/sow/ : Design Interact Site of the Week

was a great week!!!


Irish author Bram Stoker and Hungarian-born journalist/publisher Joseph Pulitzer were pen pals as children.


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