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Final Project Proposals

  • Name of the business, organization, etc., that you would like to work with;
  • How you are affiliated with the organization;
  • How you would gain information, photos, and content for the website;
  • Anything else that would be of interest;
  • If one of your ideas involves a portfolio website, please include whether or not you have current digital content, and what type of portfolio it would be.

1st. There will be no business or organization, I will be making a website as either a portfolio for my own work or a portfolio/ display site in which to showcase as a professional designer with past work I have already done.

2nd. The organization is affiliated with me because it will be about me and my past work/ current designs.

3rd. I will be using my own work and animations to display with a original looking website of my own style.

4rd. The styles and designs I display will form interest into my services or portfolio.

5th. I do not have current digital content. However, I do have plenty of images and animations that will showcase my abilities and make my portfolio more interesting (business portfolio).


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  gigi-mo wrote @

If you have images and animations then this would constitute “digital content”. Basically, do you have work that is digital in nature – it would appear that you do, based on your writeup.

I’d like you to ask yourself what the goals for your portfolio are – are you going to tranfer to a 4 year school? Or, are you looking for a first time job? Who is this portfolio for? This will help guide you as to how to organize it…

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