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week 9 horrrayyyyy

so we had a good amount to do this week. we had a final design document due, final global animation due, quiz 8 & 9, and a bunch of lynda.com pratice!!! we had a lot of lynda.com practice in adobe photoshop.. honestly I had alot of time spent on the actual final project of my web site which is a portfolio about myself.. I can’t wait to do more work in photoshop because I really enjoy it..I have been working with adobe flash alot this week because I am building most of my interactive parts of my site in it..

fun fact!!!!

Walt Disney was supposed to be on board the B-25 bomber that crashed into the Empire State Building on July 28, 1945.

isnt he in ice or some cyro thingy…..? weird



well week 8 was pretty interesting.  we worked mostly with dreamweaver and ccs styling with external style sheets.  this css was applied to our resume assignment, which was really useful because I really needed to make one anyways.  most of this week was also revising our banner and animation.  we didn’t have a quiz this week which was very weird…

  • Difference between ID and Class – A description of “hooks” – or IDs and Classes – used in CSS to build customization into markup.
  • CSS Typography – An overview of why typography shouldn’t be discounted on the web

these were the reading links we did this week- very interesting stuff with some review..all in all this was a very informative week!!!


The original Manhattan cocktail was garnished with a drop of blood.

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weeeeeeekkkk 777

weekkkkk 7 horrayyyy is over heh…just joking it wasn’t that bad at all, actually kinda fun. I was introduced to a lot of beginning animation using the .gif format. For example basic moving, fading, bouncing, and word play were some of the animations I learned to do.  Also learned about some ways of how to pick the right domain name and how to optimize your search engine capabilities for your site!!



all in all was a great week and im looking forward to week 8

week 6

This week we covered alot!  We reviewed more about photoshop, css, and fireworks.  Also we worked on our resume’s again- which by the way is very nice because I needed to work on anyways! Also I learned a lot more functions on adobe photoshop. Our banner project was also an assignment we worked on- I am not proud of my banner because I just seem to be blank on ideas for a spring time representation.

Random FUN FACT!!!!

The pope’s official barber, who cuts only the pope’s hair, earns an annual salary equivalent to $250,000 (US).

OMG! that is alot of money…….lucky dude!