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OMG IM STILL ALIVE…I have been deathly ill for about a week and a half….I had a temp above 104 for a whole day and was rushed to the hospital…I also had surgery on my neck for a tumor…I am sorry to sound so gross but those two Lil things have put me behind a whole week and more in all my classes=(  I am so swamped with work and school assignments I am going crazy…However, I have been pounding redbull to catch up…Alot of new template work was down this week and how to structure certain aspects of out site…All in all was kind of a okay week with a little confusion on our lynda assignments…I should have a updated site to show everyone and maybe a flash version also soon!


week 11

So I got a little behind this week because I had surgery on my neck to remove some kind of mass..=( I know it sounds gross but its not uncommon I guess…..However I am getting better and am getting back into the flow of this week =)  I have done a little updating to my pages…Edited text size, the title to page 1, and added images to the content page..I have done to much because honestly I am working on 2 projects…I have this one and another I am designing and will decide which is best…ALSO I am currently working in flash to make a interactive page that clients can choose if they want to look at my page in something else besides html…Check Out My Somewhat Final designs…ha



FUN FACTSSSSSSS ( of the day =)

The museum that housed the largest collection of original Smokey the Bear memorabilia was burned to the ground by an arsonist.

wow that’s funked up……who has the time for crap like that….

weeeekkk 10

Gettingggg soooo closeee to the end!! =( THIS week we learned alot about slices and exporting…we also worked on revised website..I watched a bunch of videos including Exporting CSS and Images >>, Creating CSS / XHTML Layouts >>, and Quickly Transform Photoshop Layouts >>…Also i have been rethinking my final theme for my final comp design…I really don’t like my layout or the color and have been researching other portfolio designs for what I like and what I don’t then seeing how I can throw my own twist to it=)…Well got alot of other homework to do!! =( till later this week!

FUN FACT!!@123124!@$!@$!@

Marilyn Monroe was a pipe smoker…..