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weeeeeek 15

im getting butterflies in my stomach…=(  I have workedddd so hard this whole term just to start falling a lil behind at the end….But…..I am good- no excuses!…ha i have spent so much time this past week catching up…I have the 1st url to my final project finally up and a back up flash site….its not much but for what i have had to do in this past week its alot….i have 17 prints in my intaglio class, 3 oil pantings left to do by this week, project discussion meta material and bending visible light using plasmonics for physics, and the website..=( i need A’s to transfer….pressureeee….just found out after my tumor was removed that i have a ulcer in small intestine and have to get a colinoscapy (sp)…if i didnt have bad luck i would have no luck at all- my life suxs right now ha….but almosttttt done..

url to final site ^



Still behind=( Still catching up=( but all in all okay week…Alot of out assignments have been dieing down and we are focusing more and more on our final project and some other basic assignments.  I have been putting together so many different sites for my final that I don’t know which to pick.  I have been told to move forward with my original but I can’t stop working on the other also…I finally got my hosting site and will be adding my 1st index page to it soon to at least have something for the teacher in my discussion posts…My flash site doesnt count as part of the project so I kinda put that to the side..it seem this final project is taking so much out my weeks it hard to focus on other class’s=( I can to it though and will be ready to link that index page soon=)