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weeeeeek 15

im getting butterflies in my stomach…=(  I have workedddd so hard this whole term just to start falling a lil behind at the end….But…..I am good- no excuses!…ha i have spent so much time this past week catching up…I have the 1st url to my final project finally up and a back up flash site….its not much but for what i have had to do in this past week its alot….i have 17 prints in my intaglio class, 3 oil pantings left to do by this week, project discussion meta material and bending visible light using plasmonics for physics, and the website..=( i need A’s to transfer….pressureeee….just found out after my tumor was removed that i have a ulcer in small intestine and have to get a colinoscapy (sp)…if i didnt have bad luck i would have no luck at all- my life suxs right now ha….but almosttttt done..

url to final site ^


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