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weeeeeeekkkk 777

weekkkkk 7 horrayyyy is over heh…just joking it wasn’t that bad at all, actually kinda fun. I was introduced to a lot of beginning animation using the .gif format. For example basic moving, fading, bouncing, and word play were some of the animations I learned to do.  Also learned about some ways of how to pick the right domain name and how to optimize your search engine capabilities for your site!!



all in all was a great week and im looking forward to week 8


week 6

This week we covered alot!  We reviewed more about photoshop, css, and fireworks.  Also we worked on our resume’s again- which by the way is very nice because I needed to work on anyways! Also I learned a lot more functions on adobe photoshop. Our banner project was also an assignment we worked on- I am not proud of my banner because I just seem to be blank on ideas for a spring time representation.

Random FUN FACT!!!!

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OMG! that is alot of money…….lucky dude!

Week 5

What a great week!! FINAL PROJECT IDEASSS OHH NOOOESS!! ha im just kidding..I had to pick out a idea for my final project (portfolio for myself) and decide how I want to present myself online. However I learned so much about links, optimizing pictures, finding images to use online, using styles, and I even got to put together my 1st crapppy website kinda hahah bcts-potomac.aacc.edu/cat/cat02/week5/index.html

I also read chapter 3 in our book as well as learned about Image maps, Stock photography,  and some CSS overveiw..All together it was a verryyy informative week…I am looking forward to the next couple!!!

Fun Fact of The Day!!!!!!!! !=)!R@124r =) lol

Johnny Cash was an avid quilter.

ha hmmm..okay….

Final Project Proposals

  • Name of the business, organization, etc., that you would like to work with;
  • How you are affiliated with the organization;
  • How you would gain information, photos, and content for the website;
  • Anything else that would be of interest;
  • If one of your ideas involves a portfolio website, please include whether or not you have current digital content, and what type of portfolio it would be.

1st. There will be no business or organization, I will be making a website as either a portfolio for my own work or a portfolio/ display site in which to showcase as a professional designer with past work I have already done.

2nd. The organization is affiliated with me because it will be about me and my past work/ current designs.

3rd. I will be using my own work and animations to display with a original looking website of my own style.

4rd. The styles and designs I display will form interest into my services or portfolio.

5th. I do not have current digital content. However, I do have plenty of images and animations that will showcase my abilities and make my portfolio more interesting (business portfolio).

Week 4

this week was very interesting because we finally got to learn some of the tools for fireworks (involving shapes, properties, and importing/exporting files).

we watched a couple adobe videos that involved

Understanding Fireworks: http://tv.adobe.com/watch/learn-fireworks-cs4/getting-started-01-understanding-fireworks/

Fireworks Interface: http://tv.adobe.com/watch/learn-fireworks-cs4/getting-started-02-the-fireworks-interface/

Importing and Exporting Images:http://tv.adobe.com/watch/learn-fireworks-cs4/getting-started-03-importing-and-exporting-images/

Smart Guides and Tool Tips: http://tv.adobe.com/watch/learn-fireworks-cs4/getting-started-04-smart-guides-and-tooltip/

Using Kuler Color Themes:http://tv.adobe.com/watch/learn-fireworks-cs4/using-kuler-color-themes/

Understanding Styles and Symbols: http://tv.adobe.com/watch/learn-fireworks-cs4/understanding-styles-and-symbols/

we also read a lot of interesting material concerning fire work terms, color theory, and advertisements. all in all was a very informative week even though I am behind on work…


The modern urban slang phrase “Oh, snap!” actually originated in 18th century London.


Week 3, 1/11 – chapter 2 blog post =)

This week we started chapter 2 “color”. It was about different perspectives, theories, understanding, principles, proper usage, and color associations.  It was very interesting in the way each color was broken down and explained in better detail about temperature, values, tones, hues, and schemes ( scheme examples http://www. haveamint.com/ & http://www.blueflavor.com & http://www.blinksale.com & http://urlgreyhot.com/ ). All together it was a wonderful some what sort chapter about applying and better understanding color.  The way he involves his life stories to some examples is pretty sweet..I look forward to chapter 3….”texture”

be back Sunday to update rest of blog for the end-week assignments.

Week 3’s bloooooogggggggg’izzzlleee

well thank god for the assignment push back, due to this horrible weather.  i have had so much work to do at home and online assignments that if it wasn’t for the push back i wouldn’t of been able to complete most of week 3 and several other assignments for other classes!!

however, week 3 was pretty awesome!! i got to better understanding of image functioning and properties- a lot better in this weeks dream weaver lesson..also! we started the fireworks introduction this weeeeeekkkkk =)

as one of my assignments i had to read “the principles of beautiful web design” by jason beaird..it was very informative and i actually printed out the 1st chapter to keep as sorta of a refresher in case i need to reference it..

here are the links given by the book that are pretty sweet :

www.csszengarden.com : CSS Zen garden

www.cssbeauty.com : CSS Beauty

www.stylegala.com/archive/ : Stylegala Gallery

http://www.cssvault.com : CSS Vault

www.designinteract.com/sow/ : Design Interact Site of the Week

was a great week!!!


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